Calculate complex routes for your fleets with our route optimization API which is based on an artificial intelligence based calculation engine and developed in the object-oriented programming language C ++, which aims to provide optimal solutions to various routing problems of vehicles in real time in a very short calculation time.

xroutes Optimización de Rutas

he route optimization API saves you time and money, it can be easily and seamlessly integrated into any business software or web applications.


It is hosted in the cloud available to our customers, 24/7 x 365 days a year, with 99.9% high availability.


In order to focus on what matters most to them, professionals who depend on scheduling for the transportation of people and goods need to quickly devise the most cost-effective routes, both for the logistics of their operations and for the services they provide. And this involves working with a large number of variables that become more and more complex. Our API immediately and automatically generates routes that reduce costs and that take into account schedules, transport and intervention times, capacity limits, the characteristics required in the equipment, experience as a driver, etc. Integrating our API into your software generates immediate rewards and a guaranteed return on investment.

API cálculo de rutas para flotas


Our route optimization API is based on an artificial intelligence  based calculation engine developed in C ++ that aims to provide optimal solutions to various real-time vehicle routing (ERV) problems in a reduced calculation time.

By implementing our state-of-the-art technology, route calculations are faster and more accurate, which allows great savings for our customers in costs , fuel, increased deliveries, management optimization, reduced trips, etc. Our solution is designed to be scalable and adaptable, delivering elegant and advantageous solutions in record time .

We solve your problems

We help you solve various types of known problems in the generation of vehicle routing (GRV), both for a multi-belly vehicle and for a fleet of multi-belly vehicles.


  • Calculation of shipping routes for fleets
  • Seller problem
  • Vehicle capacity management
  • Temporary windows. Working hours
  • Multi-shipments with heterogeneous cargo.
  • Simultaneous delivery and collection problem.
  • In addition to solving any combination of the above types of problems.

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